Window Pain

We are now well into the holiday season.  With holiday bookings surging after the Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted, we are sadly seeing an increase in enquiries about accidents sustained during those long-awaited vacations.

We were pleased to recover compensation for one of our clients in the sum of £6,775.50 after she suffered a crushing injury to her right little finger, partially severing the fingertip.

Our client was on holiday in Wales and had been out of her hotel room for the day.  On returning to the hotel, she found that the window in her room had been left open to a height of 7-8 inches by the hotel cleaning staff.  As our client attempted to close the window, she touched the top of the lower section of the sash style window which immediately slammed down heavily trapping her right little finger.

The insurance company representing the hotel accepted that the accident was the hotel’s fault.  We arranged for our client to be seen by an appropriate medical expert who provided an opinion and prognosis on her injuries.  Based on the medical evidence produced, our client received compensation in respect of the injury to her finger and out of pocket expenses incurred.  Our client was very pleased with the outcome and said: “This was our first time with MKB.  Everything went as planned and all explanations were explained simply, and I understood everything right from the start.”

If you have suffered a personal injury whilst on holiday like our client, or in a public place or at work, then please do not hesitate to contact our Tracy Rodgers on 01226 210000 or alternatively email us at