Helping with the Estate

After the loss of a loved one families often find they struggle to know where to start when it comes to sorting out their legal and financial affairs. At MKB we offer a bespoke service where we sit down with the family and discuss all of the ‘loose ends’ that will need to be dealt with following a death. We do not take over, and we offer as much or as little assistance as you want from us. Our preferred method of dealing with things is to sit down with you and decide what you would like us to help you with, and what you are happy to take care of yourselves.

If you want to bring us bags of papers to go through, then we are happy to do this. However if you already have a full grasp of the person’s affairs and simply want us to assist you by applying for Probate or Letters of Administration we are more than happy to do this too.

That is why we offer a full range of services based upon how much or how little help you require. We are also confident to say that contrary to what your Bank or Funeral Directors sales Department may tell you, our fees will be cheaper than theirs, and the service you receive will be of a higher standard.