Child Arrangements

Where will they live?

Who will they live with?

Spending time with my child?

Applications for a Child Arrangement Order

If you are unable to agree with the other parent the arrangements for your child(ren) post separation an application to Court may be required to resolve the issues if mediation/negotiation proves ineffective.

We have the necessary expertise to advise you on the merits of any application for a Child Arrangement Order, there may be other issues in relation to your child(ren) that need to be dealt with, for example, if one parent wants to change their surname, if one parent wants to bring them up in a specific religion, if one parent wishes to live abroad.   We can deal with all such applications on your behalf.

Quite often an officer from the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) is involved to prepare a report and assist the Judge in reaching a decision.

An application for a Child Arrangement Order which necessitates the preparation of a report, will involve at least two hearings before a Judge, if matters are then not resolved statements will have to be prepared and representation at a contested hearing.