Compensation Recovered for client

Tracy Rodgers recovers compensation of £75,000.00 for a client who made a claim against a local hospital.   The level of compensation reflects the extent to which the surgery for which our client was admitted was negligently performed and the ongoing consequences that our client faces as a result.

One Flight in Bangkok

It’s that time of year when you may be thinking about booking a holiday abroad but does the thought of that bring to mind hours of being squashed into an airline seat next to a large fellow passenger? That is exactly the situation that one man faced on a 13 hour journey from Bangkok to

Glyn Staves appointed Deputy District Judge

MKB Solicitors are proud to announce that Senior Partner Glyn Staves, Head of Dispute Resolution, has been appointed as a Part-Time Deputy District Judge by the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice. Glyn has been selected from 1,600 applicants following a rigorous application process administered by the Judicial Appointments Commission. All applicants were judged on

Community Clean Up

Our Tracy Rodgers took part in the Community Clean Up initiative earlier this week with Barnsley MBC to tidy up our town centre.  Working around Peel Parade we litter picked and cleared away a lot of rubbish. The photos show the bags filled after just 1 hour and what a difference a little bit of

Expert support in times of family trouble

We know that, statistically, an increased number of couples separate in the month of January. The first working day in January is colloquially, and rather unfortunately, known as “Divorce Day”. We receive an influx of new enquiries for support on family matters every year in January after the Christmas break. If you are going through

Compensation recovered for injuries sustained on the drive into work

We have recovered over £2,300.00 for a client who suffered soft tissue injuries to her neck whilst her vehicle was stationary in traffic queueing on one of the main roads into Barnsley. Our client safely brought her vehicle to a stop as traffic in front of her also slowed, but the vehicle behind our client

Client recovers £5,000.00 as a result of a Road Traffic Accident

We have recovered compensation of £5,000.00 for a client who suffered injury to his back, wrist and thumb as a result of a road traffic accident. Our client was a front seat passenger in a vehicle proceeding along the road when suddenly that vehicle was struck by a car intending to turn right from the

Tracy Rodgers wins £9,000.00 compensation on an accident at work case

Tracy Rodgers, Solicitor at MKB Solicitors LLP, recovered £9,000.00 compensation for a School Teacher who suffered injuries to her knees when she fell at work in the school. The accident happened when the heel of our client’s shoes became caught in a crack in the floor and as a result, our client fell forward landing

What is Probate and do I need it?

When people hear the word Probate it usually fills them with dread. There are many myths about ‘Probate’ such as it delays the estate by many months and it costs thousands. This article looks to set out a few facts about what is actually involved in the Probate process and how it can affect you.