Children & Finances

There is a lot to think about when a relationship ends, especially when you have children. You may be worried about money, where you will live and what the future holds. There can also be difficult issues to address with your ex-partner, such as working out arrangements for the children. As well as sorting out the practicalities, it is important to remember your emotional needs and those of your children and to get support if you need it.

It is usually in the best interests of a child to spend time with both of their parents, as long as it is safe.  There are no set rules about what the arrangements for children should be; it is up to you and your child’s other parent to make an arrangement that works best for your child. You should always keep your child’s needs at the heart of your decision making.

Every family situation is different. Some choose to have an arrangement where the child spends time and sleeps over at both parents’ homes on a regular basis. In other families the child will live with one parent all or most of the time, and make visits to see their other parent. Whatever agreement you come to, it’s important that it works for you as a family.  If agreement cannot be reached between you one of our highly experienced family team can try and help you with that.


When Clients decided that they can no longer remain together it is time to consider the financial needs of the parties and the children. No case is the same.  In some cases agreement can be reached between the parties but negotiating a financial settlement in divorce is a skilled and complex task and that is something that our team can help you with.

The financial implications of a relationship breakdown can be difficult and stressful to resolve and the resolution of financial issues arising from divorce or separation can, but need not be, protracted and acrimonious. Our team of family solicitors have extensive experience in cases that involve property and money and can guide you through this process from the start to finish.

The law relating to financial matters upon the breakdown of an unmarried relationship is also complex.  We have the expertise and experience to find the right solution in your case and to ensure your rights and entitlements are adequately protected and achieved.

If you have children there will be important issues to consider and we shall always give priority to them and their welfare.

Such important issues command the right professional input and approach to secure your rights and interests in an appropriate and constructive way.