Family Payment Options / Pay As You Go / Other Side’s Costs


NB:  The costs we have indicated are for your own costs only.  If you, for any reason, are ordered to pay the costs of the other party these are in addition to the costs you pay us and are likely to be significantly higher.  In civil proceedings the Court will order the losing party to pay the other sides costs, in family proceedings Costs Orders are made less frequently than in civil proceedings and will certainly be ordered if you are adjudged to have conducted the proceedings unreasonably in any way, for example not complying with time limits for filing documentation and not disclosing in full your assets.


We are conscious that legal costs are significant, should you simply not be able to afford to engage a solicitor to represent you from the outset, we are happy to provide a Pay As You Go service.  If you need initial advice but then can thereafter complete forms yourself, we are able to provide initial advice.  If you receive documentation from another party and need advice regarding that, we are happy to provide advice.  If you need advice how to complete documentation at any stage in the process that you are engaged in, whether it be for separation, divorce, ancillary relief, etc, we are happy to advise.  What we will not do is write directly to the Court for you or to the other side.

Fees for this service can be paid on an as and when basis, they will be required prior to each meeting at a cost from £250.00 per hour plus VAT.


If you decide to instruct us in your matter then we are always happy to negotiate payment terms with clients if you wish to set up a weekly or monthly standing order then this can be arranged, the amount you pay each week or month will depend upon which service we are providing you with.