Contract and Commercial Disputes

A breach of contract can have a significant impact on a business or an individual and the activities that each carry out. That is why it is vital to take immediate legal advice on the issues and to attempt to conclude the dispute as quickly as possible.

A contract is not necessarily a formal written and signed document. Broadly speaking, a contract is simply an agreement between two or more people, where each promises to do something for the other. In most cases, this could be a written or oral agreement.

Our team has wide ranging experience of dealing with both commercial and consumer contract disputes. We recognise that contract disputes are all different and arise in a variety of circumstances.

We have particular expertise in relation to the following areas:

  • agency and distribution
  • building contracts
  • contracts in restraint of trade
  • consumer disputes
  • duress and undue influence
  • misrepresentation
  • professional service contracts
  • supply of goods and services


  • representing a local company in a dispute surrounding the volatile Packaging Recycling Note market worth circa £2 million
  • bringing a claim against OFGEM arising out of their audit and various measures which amounted to tortious interference with a number of third party contracts the client had entered into. The value of the measures placed under audit with OFGEM amounted to circa £2 million
  • bringing unfair prejudice proceedings on behalf of a minority shareholder against a local utility provider
  • acting on behalf of a shareholder to wind up a quasi-partnership which was set up to purchase and manage commercial property following the actions of his fellow shareholder
  • defending a claim brought by an international company for damages for circa £1.4 million alleging breach of the terms of a commercial agreement and breach of intellectual property rights
  • defending a claim for damages in the sum of £278,000 for breach of warranty brought by the buyer of a care home against the seller
  • representing an architect in a dispute between him, his client and the contracted builder over the nature and extent of alleged defective works valued at £140,000
  • representing a homeowner over the nature and extent of alleged defective works carried out by her building contractor valued at £100,000
  • acting on behalf of a regional company where the key issue was whether an equitable assignment of a director’s loan account had taken place

We understand how disruptive a dispute can be. We will always work to your objectives and try to resolve disputes without the need for costly court action.  However, where litigation is unavoidable, we have the talent and resources to represent our client’s best interests. We ensure that our clients have the best chance of a positive outcome and we have a strong track record of success in the courts.

We offer a wide range of flexible funding options for our client’s including, where appropriate, advice and representation under legal expenses insurance policies, competitive hourly rates, fixed fee agreements and Conditional Fee Agreements.

Please contact our team on 01226 210 000, if you would like to discuss the ways in which we may be able to assist you or your organisation.