Divorce FAQ and Answers

How much are Court fees?

The Court fees for a divorce are £593.00 (correct as at December 2023).

This fee is paid to the Court and not to ourselves and this must be paid whether we or another firm of solicitors does it for you or you do the divorce yourself.

Under certain circumstances you can get help with these fees, e.g. if you are on benefits or a low income – this is called fee remission and we will help you decide whether you will be able to get this.

How long will my divorce take?

An uncontested divorce will typically take around 6 to 9 months. Despite what you may have heard or read in the papers, there are no shortcuts you can take to get a ‘quickie divorce’.

Do I have to attend Court?

Not usually.  In an uncontested divorce, there is no need for you or your spouse to attend court.

Finances FAQ and Answers

Will I be able to stay in the house with the children until they leave school?

There is a list of things that must be considered. The divorce law states that if there can be a “clean break” between you and your husband/wife.  It will try to achieve this and they will include making a decision about whether you can stay in the home with the children. You will need specialist advice as every situation is slightly different.  If you contact our Offices we can advise you whether or not in your circumstances this would be the case.

I want to re-marry.  I am divorced, but finances never really got sorted out, is this a problem?

It may be a huge problem to you in the future financially and you need legal advice before you marry.