How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

Earlier this year, we wrote an article about how an award of compensation in a personal injury claim was valued.   One element of the overall compensation is general damages for the actual injuries suffered.

How is the level of general damages worked out?

It can be difficult to accurately assess the level of compensation payable at the start of the case.   The amount of a compensation award is dependent upon the type, severity and duration of injury sustained.

Lawyers and Judges at Court assessing compensation refer to a set of guidelines which give a recommended value for each injury.   In addition, reports of previously decided cases confirm what has been awarded in the past for similar injuries.    Below we set out some of the most common injuries seen with an indication of what the claim would be worth:

  • Whiplash injury after a road traffic accident 

Soft tissue injuries where a full recovery takes place between 3 months and a year – potentially between £2,150.00 to £3,800.00.

For those injuries which have made a pre-existing condition worse or where the soft tissue injuries persist for up to 5 years – the compensation level will increase to £6,900.00 to £12,000.00.

  • An ankle injury after tripping or slipping in a public place

A minor or undisplaced fracture, sprain or ligament injury where recovery is complete within a year – up to £4,800.00.

Where the recovery is more protracted and recovery is not complete with associated scarring, aching, loss of movement or long-term risk of osteoarthritis – up to £12,000.00.

  • Suffering a hand injury from machinery at work 

Crush injuries, lacerations and soft tissue injuries can attract an award of between £5,100.00 to £11,600.00.

Where a serious hand injury is sustained, reducing capacity in the hand by 50% with potentially amputation of some fingers – an award of between £25,000.00 to £54,000.00 can be achieved. 

A total or effective loss of one hand could lead to compensation ranging from £84,000.00 to £96,000.00. 

Your Claim 

The above figures are a tiny representation of the types of injuries that we handle and the likely compensation that you could expect to receive.   The figures are also only for the injury itself.   In addition, you would be entitled to claim for other out of pocket expenses on top.

We offer a free 30 minute consultation when we can consider the claim with you in more detail.

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