Dementia – How We Can Help

Our team of elderly client solicitors based in our Wills, Probate & Future Planning Department come into contact with people with Dementia and their carers on a regular basis.  Our wealth of experience and excellent reputation in our field ensures that our clients can trust the service we provide.

Staff at our offices at Huddersfield Road, Barnsley, are trained in Dementia awareness and we strive to ensure that we are known as the best provider of Dementia friendly legal services in the Barnsley area.

We aim to ensure that our clients always feel comfortable and, in doing so, will :-

  • Provide a friendly welcome and a comfortable experience
  • Ensure we make our clients feel safe and free from any uncertainty
  • Allow our clients to speak freely about any concerns
  • Explain our advice and recommendations clearly, avoiding any confusing legal jargon
  • Offer sympathetic advice, guidance and assistance when making important decisions
  • Give help and support that is future-proof.  For instance, we would encourage clients to make Lasting Powers of Attorney to allow those with Dementia to make important decisions about who will assist them in managing either their property and financial affairs or decisions about health and welfare in the future.
  • Provide home visits to those who feel they would not be comfortable or may be intimidated in an office environment

We work closely with charities and organisations such as The Alzheimer’s Society, BIADS (Barnsley Independent Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support) and also with specialist support providers and community groups to best serve people in Barnsley and the local area suffering from Dementia.

We are also active members of Barnsley Dementia Action Alliance which brings together organisations across England committed to transforming the lives of people with dementia and their carers.