Dementia Champions & Awareness Training (Dementia Friends)

MKB Solicitors LLP are committed to understanding and raising awareness of Dementia.

Our staff are trained in Dementia awareness (Dementia Friends) and strive to understand how best to help clients who are living with and caring for those with Dementia.

Dementia Friends Champions are individuals who are committed to improving awareness of dementia. Through delivering Dementia Friends sessions in their local towns, businesses, schools and places of work they ensure that individuals have a better understanding of dementia, and help to break down stigma.

Dementia Friends Champions are trained and equipped with resources to answer people’s questions about dementia and suggest sources of further information and support.

After completing the course Dementia Friends Champions can access resources and tools to help set up and run sessions for people who sign up as Dementia Friends.

Rianne Wilcockson and Joanna Longfellow of MKB Solicitors LLP are trained by the Alzheimer’s Society to be a Dementia Champions and are happy to provide sessions both at our offices and in the local community to support this campaign.  Further information is available from or