Clinical Negligence Compensation

A local man accepted a settlement of £40,000.00 following an unsuccessful hip replacement surgery that took place in 2016.

Our client was unaware that there were any issues with how his hip surgery had been performed until September 2017 when his hip began making squeaking noises.  He noticed that he began to experience pain around his right hip and had to use a walking stick.  He slipped and twisted his right leg in October 2017 and felt his right hip click.  When his hip was x-rayed it was showed that there was a catastrophic failure of the ceramic liner comprising part of the hip replacement components.  It was alleged that the catastrophic failure of the ceramic liner probably occurred when he slipped and twisted his right leg and hip and that that failure would not have occurred if the liner had been fully seated with the other component parts of the hip replacement.  As a result our client had to undergo revision surgery from which he made a good recovery.

In our client’s case, he was not aware that the initial surgery was problematic until 18 months later.  We obtained medical evidence for our client identifying the problems with that initial surgery and his post-operative treatment.  The medical evidence further showed that the incomplete and/or incorrect seating of the ceramic liner within the metal shell at the primary hip replacement caused the failure of the ceramic liner resulting in our client suffering personal injury and requiring an urgent revision procedure.

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