There has been a change to legislation with effect from the 13th June 2019 which abolishes the “same roof rule” for victims of violent crime.

Until now, victims of violent crimes including sexual abuse from a family member where the offence took place before 1979 have been unable to make a claim for compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme, if they lived with their attacker at the time of the incident.    This had the effect of preventing a person who suffered abuse at the hands of a family member or any person who lived in the same home as the person who suffered the abuse or injury, from making a claim under the scheme to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

The “same roof rule” was seen as flawed and outdated, as it denied victims of abuse carried out by a person known to them and indeed living with them, from making a claim.   It is anticipated that new Claimants will come forward and anyone denied compensation under the rule previously, may make a fresh application from 13th June 2019.

Anyone who thinks that they are entitled to make a claim should do so within 2 years and we would be happy to support you with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority process.   Please contact our Tracy Rodgers on 01226 210000 and/or