A Step Too Far

MKB Solicitors recently recovered £18,000.00 for a wedding guest who fell down a flight of stairs at the hotel where she was part of a wedding party.

The wedding was taking place in a large country house, which also provided accommodation for those members of the wedding party who wanted to stay overnight.  During the course of the evening wedding reception, our client went up to her room to freshen up.  In order to return to the wedding reception room she had to make her way down a spiral staircase.  The stair treads were narrow and tightly spiralled, with only a handrail around the inner most and slimmest part of the staircase.  As a result our client lost her footing and fell down the last few steps, sustaining a nasty injury to her shoulder.

The hotel venue maintained that the staircase was part of an old listed building and that the staircase had been used numerous times without incident.  Shortly after our client’s accident however the hotel added a simple rope handrail against the wall and around the edge of the staircase where the steps fanned out to their widest part, making it easier for guests to walk around the safest part of the staircase.

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