The MKB Four Candles of Advent – Candle two

This is the second week of our ‘Four Candles of Advent’ charitable donations in the lead up to Christmas. To view our first week click here.

The second of the Advent Candles is ‘Peace’, Or ‘the Bethlehem Candle’.

In selecting a local charity to make the week two donation to we got our thinking caps on, before going right back to the beginning – the Nativity, and there being “no room at the Inn” for Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. We all know the story well!

It can be especially hard at this time of year for people with nowhere to call home. And all too often it is young people that find themselves homeless, often through no fault of their own, or fleeing circumstances that make their ‘home’ lives unbearable.

That is why we have chosen in week two to make the £500.00 donation to Centrepoint in support of their works in Barnsley. For more details on the great work carried out locally by Centrepoint please click here.

It is hoped our contribution will make the Christmas period a little better for anyone reliant on the amazing services offered by Centrepoint locally, and we thank them for all that they do.

Next week our donation will be made in accordance with Candle Three – the Shepherds Candle.