How Can We Assist?

When relationships break down, emotions run high.  There will be important arrangements to be made for the future.  Talking face to face with your partner may seem like the hardest thing to do and, sometimes, you will need help to get started and focus on what really matters to you.  This is where MKB’s Family Mediation Service can help you.

Our Resolution trained Family Mediators are here to help you reach agreement on how to make the best arrangements for the future, whether that is in relation to financial issues, children or both.

Our mediators are also experienced, practising family solicitors and will ensure that any proposals that you arrive at through mediation can be made legally binding, should that be necessary or should you wish.

If we can help you to resolve issues, it will save both parties a considerable amount of money, rather than if such issues have to be resolved in Court or via your own solicitors.