Expert support in times of family trouble

We know that, statistically, an increased number of couples separate in the month of January. The first working day in January is colloquially, and rather unfortunately, known as “Divorce Day”. We receive an influx of new enquiries for support on family matters every year in January after the Christmas break. If you are going through these issues we are here to support you.

What is it about Christmas that pushes couples to divorce?

In our experience, our client’s instruct us that pressure in the relationship usually arises from financial burdens, stressful Christmas preparations, time spent with wider family and even just the mere fact of spending more time in each other’s company. We recognise at MKB the strains of Christmas compared to the rest of the year, having considerable experience of supporting clients year in year out with these issues. It is understandable that the intense Christmas period will test any couple, especially those who are already experiencing difficulties in their marriage.

We have seen that if couples are already having a hard time, they tend to try and ‘keep it together over Christmas’. This is usually for 3 key reasons:

  • For their children;
  • To give the relationship one last chance; and/or
  • To save awkward conversations at a time that is, for many people, all about togetherness and family.

In a sense therefore, Christmas itself does not cause divorce but simply delays it.

If you are experiencing issues in your relationship at this time and are unsure of your legal rights, what the next steps may be or simply require confidential support, we are here to help. You are not alone in going through these problems, they are very common. MKB have a renowned team of accredited and experienced family solicitors ready to assist you and the first appointment is free.

If you require expert legal advice, please contact the family team at MKB on 01226 210000,, or find more information on our website,