Another Successful Outcome for our Dispute Resolution Team

It is common, outside of the divorce courts, that the most acrimonious disputes are between shareholders.  Limited companies can bring together relative strangers and/or family members, and while often these relationships are long and happy, sometimes they are disrupted by quarrels, disloyalty, and ultimately, separation.

In some cases, disputes can be settled through sensible engagement between the parties and negotiation; on other occasions only, robust action shall produce a sensible outcome.

A recent case handled by Glyn Staves and his Dispute Resolution team produced a successful negotiated outcome on behalf of our client who wished to exit the previous business she had founded.  As a sign of appreciation for all their hard work, Glyn and his team were delighted to receive this lovely hamper.

Glyn and his team act on behalf of majority and minority shareholders and for directors. The sole purpose behind each new instruction is to work out the right strategy to safeguard our client’s personal and business interests.

If you need expert legal advice on shareholder disputes or on drafting/negotiating settlement agreements, our dedicated Dispute Resolution team are here to help. Get in touch via, complete our contact form or call us directly on 01226 210000.