Do you have a dispute with another party relating to monies owed?

We can advise you on what steps need to be taken – sending out the letter before action, drafting Court documents and representing at Court if required.


Do you have an argument/disagreement with your neighbour as to the ownership of a fence or hedge?

We can advise and interpret title documents on ownership.  If the documents are not clear then we can advise you on what steps need to be taken to bring about a resolution by mediation or, failing that, by the Court.


I have a Judgment but it has not been paid.  What can I do?

We can advise on the different methods of enforcement appropriate to the case.  The next steps can be taken on your behalf to recover the monies.  Each case would be advised on its own merits.


I have  contract/agreement with a party who is not complying with the terms.  What can I do?

We can advise and prepare on your behalf a written response to the other party.  Advising on what steps can be taken and what the cost will be.