Fixed Fees – Financial Relief

£1,750.00 plus VAT plus Court fees


  • Appointment arranged with lawyer most suited to your case
  • Initial instructions and advice
  • Establishing with yourself and the other side assets to be taken into consideration by the Court
  • Preparation of all Court documentation including Form E, Questionnaires, Schedule of Costs, Replies to Questionnaires
  • Attending the First Appointment and Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing but not including Final Hearing

The cost of a final hearing is not included in the fixed price, normally we would instruct a Barrister to represent you at a final hearing and those fees will be negotiated with the Barrister directly on your behalf.   Payment will be required 25% of the total cost at the initial instructions and advice meeting, a further 15% in advance of the First Appointment and the balance of 60% in advance of the Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing.

If the case settles before the Financial Dispute Resolution hearing there will be a reduction in costs depending on the stage reached and work carried out.

This fixed fee does not apply to cases where either party is self-employed or the assets exceed £500,000.00.  It also does not include the fees of any experts who may be required to provide a report or valuation.