Barnsley Family Mediation Service

When a marriage or a relationship breaks down you may well find it difficult to resolve issues involving  money or property or children.  Our family mediators will often be able to help you and your former partner to resolve these issues thereby avoiding the trauma and substantial cost of having to go through the court system only to have a solution imposed upon you by a Judge.


  • All of our family mediators are also very experienced specialist solicitors and so can draw upon years of experience in helping clients to find solutions to such issues.
  • Your mediation might be provided free of charge.  We hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide legally aided family mediation to clients who qualify financially.  We will be able to carry out your financial eligibility assessment.  If you do qualify then the mediation will be free to you.
  • Even if you do not qualify for legally aided mediation then you will find that our charges are lower than most other mediation providers.
  • Our family mediation service could save you thousands of pounds in legal costs that you would otherwise spend arguing your case through the courts.

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