If someone owes you money, then we can assist in sending a letter before action claiming monies on your behalf.  If the monies are not paid then we can prepare documents to be filed at Court in respect of your claim.  We can advise and assist at all stages up to and including Judgment.  If payment is still not made, then we can advise and assist on the appropriate steps to be taken to recover those monies through the enforcement process.

  • What steps you can take when someone owes you money?
  • What if the money is not repaid?
  • Is Court the only option?

If you owe money to someone and cannot repay those monies, we can put proposals on your behalf to the other party to pay by instalments or whatever can be agreed.  If the other party does insist on taking matters to Court, then we can advise on the procedure and steps to be taken.

  • What to do I do if I can’t afford to repay?
  • How can I avoid going to Court?